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Harry Potter.

[x] Your hair is dark and can be messy.
[] You wear glasses.
[x] You have a weird looking scar.
[] You are brave.
[x] You have green eyes.
[] You like playing a particular sport.
Total = [3]

Ron Weasley.

[] You have red hair.
[x] You are very loyal to your friends.
[x] You are deathly afraid of spiders.
[x] You are sarcastic.
[x] You don’t have a lot of money.
[] You have older siblings.
Total = [4]

Hermione Granger.

[] You are bossy.
[x] You are intelligent.
[x] Your hair is wavy or curly.
[x] You have a cat.
[x] You usually know how to handle tricky situations.
[] You get made fun of a lot.
Total = [4]

Rubeus Hagrid.

[] You are tall.
[] You are very friendly and soft hearted.
[x] You love animals.
[x] You are very helpful.
[x] You give in easily.
[x] You are very loyal.
Total = [4]

Luna Lovegood.

[x] You are weird and proud of it.
[x] You don’t have loads of friends.
[] You have blonde hair.
[x] You are open minded.
[] You are quite spiritual.
[] You believe in things most people wouldn’t.
Total = [3]

Draco Malfoy.

[] You are manipulative.
[] You can be very mean when you want to be.
[] You are a snob.
[x] You can get jealous.
[] You have blonde hair.
[] You enjoy pranks.
Total = [1]

Neville Longbottom.

[] You are close to your grandparents.
[x] You are easily frightened.
[x] You get nervous easily.
[] You like frogs and toads.
[x] You are geeky.
Total = [3]


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